Video Production, Editing and Graphics Services

What is Video Production?

Just about anyone can shoot video these days. But being able to consistently deliver the highest possible production value for any given budget is a rare talent, and one we employ on a daily basis at ity Advertising. In-house video production services include: shooting professional 4k video, 4k drone videography by a licensed pilot, professional audio recording, video editing with graphics, 2D motion graphics and animation.

ity’s Value in Video Production

Sometimes the right path for a project is for us to handle all production in house. Other times it’s supervising trusted vendors with specialized expertise and equipment. Often, it is a combination of both. We’ve worked on video projects with budgets ranging from just a few thousand dollars to several million, with equally-thrilled clients at both ends of the spectrum and all points in between.

Video Production
Case Studies

We stand by the quality, depth, and professionalism of our diverse video production skills. However, the true testament to our success is a rich portfolio of client success stories. We invite you to learn more about these brands, view our TV commercial and web video demos, and explore our video project case studies on our work page.

Let’s Start Filming

Video production can be one of the most resonant forms of marketing available today and we’d love to get your brand involved however possible. Contact us today to explore our full breadth of video production services.