Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR)

Creative Advertising Boosts Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations

Part of the ity Advertising strategy with non-profits is to leverage the advertising of services when soliciting donations.

When developing creative for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR), ity wanted to find an innovative way to communicate the severe physical and emotional trauma suffered by victims of sexual violence.

The resulting “Shattering of Lives” concept proved to be an extremely effective way of calling attention to the problem, encouraging victims to seek PAAR’s counseling and generating donations to support PAAR’s ongoing mission of helping victims and promoting prevention.

The advertising has helped to significantly increase the number of calls from victims seeking assistance as well as financial contributions during PAAR’s annual fundraising campaign.

PAAR Outdoor Marketing Placement


PAAR Social Media Placement

Paid Social Media

PAAR Fundraiser Marketing Sample

Fundraiser Direct Mail Piece