Grove City Medical Center

Creating Effective Health Care Advertising on a Small Budget

ity Advertising put our extensive health care expertise to use to help this small local hospital make a name for themselves on social media.

Before being acquired by one of the region’s largest healthcare systems, Grove City Medical Center (GCMC) was a small, independent community hospital. Many of the residents in their area were unaware of the services and capabilities that GCMC offered because the hospital couldn’t spend millions of dollars attracting patients like some of their competitors in nearby cities. GCMC turned to ity for an affordable, smaller-scale marketing approach that would showcase their capabilities and drive more patients through their doors.

ity knew that in order to generate awareness, engagement and eventually new patients to their locations on a limited marketing budget, each dollar needed to be spent wisely. ity’s plan was to shift GCMC’s marketing approach to a digital strategy, with a focus on online content and videos, that informed residents they didn’t need to drive more than an hour for high-quality, routine medical attention. It was right down the street at GCMC.

The first step was to upgrade the GCMC website to reflect a more modern hospital and provide a better user experience. ity also linked the site to a blog that contained new and updated monthly articles that were timely and relevant to residents in the area. We then used eBlasts to drive residents to the website and blog for interesting and engaging information about their hospital.

AHN Grove City Website Layout


ity also knew it was important to build a robust social media presence for GCMC. The content included a series of videos, shot and edited by the ity team, each focused on a specific hospital service or program. The videos were then posted on GCMC’s organic social media platforms and pushed out with paid social media ads to maximize exposure.

Grove City Medical Marketing Sample

Paid Social Media