Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission

Developing Effective Non-profit Advertising on a Small Budget

To help this non-profit organization fight the opioid epidemic we created cost-effective TV commercials, Pandora ads, mall posters and social media ads.

ity has a long history of helping non-profits maximize their advertising dollars by negotiating efficient media buys with plenty of added value and developing highly-effective creative that is also extremely affordable.

In this instance, ity used stock video to create a powerful TV commercial to bring more awareness to the problem of opioid use and promote Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol’s counseling hotline. The media plan also included paid Facebook, YouTube and Pandora ads as well as digital poster kiosks in local shopping malls.

One of the barriers preventing those who use opioids from seeking help was that they were ashamed to be lumped in with the stereotypical image that people sometimes have of them. The reality is that substance use disorder affects people from all walks of life and there is no shame in getting help. Communicating this in our key messaging helped remove the stigma of opioid use and opened the path to counseling and recovery for many in the community.

TV Commercial

sample marketing poster

Mall Poster

paid social media placements

Paid Social Media