A Proud Heritage of Innovative Thinking

To demonstrate the breadth of our creative talents and the depth of our experience, this section showcases work done at ity Advertising as well as a few samples our talented staff developed before ity was formed. This creative exemplifies the high quality work our team has become known for here in Pittsburgh and all throughout the region.

We’re all about moving businesses forward. How that’s done these days is more varied than ever. Not just with the many options available for reaching a target audience, but also in the diverse ways marketing is handled within organizations.That’s why we’ve structured ity with flexibility in mind.

For some clients, we serve as their full-service advertising agency, handling all creative, strategy and media. For others, we work on just one or two aspects of their business. In other words, how we work at ity is based upon what works best for our clients. We invite you to become one of them.

Are you being seen? When ity Advertising plans and places your media, the answer is “yes.” We make sure your message reaches the right people, at the right time and at the right place to be successful.

This doesn’t happen with a one-plan-fits-all approach. Digital, social and traditional media are custom-mixed to meet your specific business goals. We then negotiate the most cost-effective buy possible and optimize the plan by continually monitoring its effectiveness and making adjustments where necessary.

Let us help you increase your visibility today.

Kaitlynn Smith


Digital Designer

Art Director


Tom Higgins

Account Director


Ranch Hand


Steve Smith


Creative Director



Kaitlynn Smith Kaitlynn Smith Kaitlynn Smith
Tom Higgins Tom Higgins Tom Higgins
Steve Smith Steve Smith Steve Smith
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