TruSummit Solutions

Going Majestic for this Consulting Company’s Brand Identity

ity helps TruSummit stand out as a top-tier Salesforce implementation partner.

TruSummit Solutions is a team of devoted technology specialists who enable clients and businesses to “reach the peak of their Salesforce performance.” With the company’s key purpose in mind, ity’s objective was to create a brand presence that showcased the TruSummit identity in a consistent way but would uniquely distinguish them from competitors.

First, we devised a list of brand characteristics and distinct traits that truly make TruSummit stand out. Next, to symbolically represent the organization’s ideology, we determined that the main imagery used in all marking collateral should be positive and aspirational mountainscapes. Finally, to protect design integrity, we established distinct standards for the usage of the TruSummit logo.

Our completed list of deliverables included a custom brand identity guide that contains an overview of the TruSummit brand, its values, logo usage, color and font usage, icons, imagery examples, and other pertinent information as well as PowerPoint templates, letterhead, business cards, and print and banner ads.