Columbia Gas

Advertising Campaign Builds Brand for Natural Gas Utility

Creative advertising featuring a combination of customer education and branding messages has helped boost customer satisfaction.

Columbia Gas was faced with the unique challenge of maintaining their extremely high customer satisfaction ratings while conducting a massive construction project that would tear up streets and yards throughout their entire service area.

ity knew that customers would become more accepting of the short-term inconveniences associated with the pipeline replacement program if they were more aware of the long-term benefits it would bring. That’s exactly what we communicated in a comprehensive, multi-year marketing campaign that has helped keep Columbia Gas of PA at the top of the JD Power customer satisfaction ratings for mid-size utilities despite the extensive construction work underway.

“Greatness” :30 TV/Pre-Roll

The first-year campaign included this TV commercial that went back in time to show how long the pipes have been in use, justifying current replacement and assuring customers that they won’t need to be replaced again for decades.

Columbia Gas Social Media Sample

Paid Social Media

“Simple Pleasures” :30 TV/Pre-Roll

This commercial from the second phase of the campaign was designed to help customers better understand the link between the construction they see in their neighborhoods and the beneficial uses of natural gas they enjoy within their homes.

Pipeline Replacement Web Video

This educational video allows customers to see exactly what work is going to be done in their neighborhood before it actually gets started.

Columbia Gas Billboard Sample