Common Ground Alliance

Making the 811 System Work Better for Everyone

ity helps CGA prevent damage and promote partnership among stakeholders.

The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is committed to preventing damage to underground infrastructure by promoting effective damage-prevention practices. Aware of our experience creating successful advertising campaigns for 811 organizations, CGA asked ity to produce a series of animated videos and toolkit that would encourage stakeholders in the damage prevention industry to help the 811 System work more efficiently.

The first video focused on reaching the excavator audience to help establish better collaboration and efficiency when marketing public utility lines. The second video detailed how facility operators can help, giving tips to ensure lines are being located and marked on time.

To ensure these key best practices were relayed, the videos and corresponding toolkits were sent to all pertinent stakeholders and posted to CGA’s social media. Future videos will suggest ways others in the Damage Prevention Industry can do their part.