CNX Resources

Branding a New Age Energy Company in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our expertise in developing advertising and marketing for natural gas drilling companies is apparent in this innovative branding campaign.

With ity Advertising’s extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, it’s not surprising that when CNX Resources spun off from CONSOL Energy they asked us to help brand the new, independent entity.

The challenge was twofold. First, CNX wanted to break away from CONSOL’s conservative coal-mining image and be seen as an innovative, new company that is changing the field of natural gas development. At the same time, CNX still wanted to leverage their local roots and heritage of having a strong work ethic.

The campaign ity created for external audiences positioned CNX as one of the many hi-tech start-ups that has recently made Southwest Pennsylvania home, but with a little blue-collar attitude.

“Coffee Shop” :30 Television/Pre-roll

CNX Pittsburgh Ad

Print Ad

CNX Wall Prints

In a separate project, ity created an internal branding campaign with signage and graphics displayed throughout the CNX offices.