United Concordia/TRICARE® Dental Program

“Need to Know” Campaign Boosts Military Dental Enrollment

ity helps long-time government partner service the largest dental insurance plan in the world.

The TRICARE® Dental Program (TDP), administered by United Concordia, covers military members and families across the globe. As United Concordia’s long-standing advertising partner, ity was tasked with creating an effective campaign that would entice not-yet-enrolled active duty family members and National Guard & Reserve sponsors to sign up for dental insurance through the TDP.

Highlighting the main message, that TRICARE Dental Program premiums are up to 60% government paid, our team came up with a unique way to convey this key selling point while aiming to add a memorable and creative spin. The end result was our “Need to Know” campaign which starred a “Mysterious Man” as the featured character. Dressed in a black suit and trench coat to resemble a 1960’s era CIA operative or other government agent, our Mysterious Man travels from place to place seeking out military family members who are eligible for the TDP. He discreetly approaches each candidate, and in clandestine fashion, presents them with “classified” military files that reveal the good news about the program’s monthly premiums.

The concept was so well-received and effective that we were asked to continue the campaign and develop a new series of commercials that bring the “Mysterious Man” to even more unsuspecting military members and their families. Final deliverables included TV commercials, digital radio banner ads, SEM and a variety of other tactics.

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