Watershape University

Ensuring a Consistent Brand Image

Developed detailed brand guidelines and communication templates to help this pool industry institution maintain continuity.


WaterShape University Brand Guide

When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything.

Watershape University, a leader in providing quality education to the pool, spa, aquatics, and outdoor living industry, understood that creating brand guidelines is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy, but lacked formal instructions.


The organization tasked ity Advertisting with creating a detailed rulebook that would clarify how the Watershape University brand should be presented to marketing vendors, architects and pool builders. The topics covered include logo usage, font/typography, color palette, photography, tone and imagery. In addition to creating the comprehensive brand guide, ity also developed a series of templates which included PowerPoint slides, letterhead, print ads and digital banner ads.

A page speaking to the use of Watershape University “Badges” and the International Watershape Institute (IWI) seal was also created. The badges and seals are used on the websites of organizations that have completed certain coursework. Lastly, ity created additional brand guidelines for the Live Blue Foundation, an organization dedicated to getting people near, in or under water.

Our team created the guidelines in an easily accessible digital format to enable quick distribution to internal and external parties. Today, the Watershape University branding guide ensures consistency across all platforms and has enabled designers and marketers to easily deliver compliant solutions for the brand