Showcasing a Product To a Specific Audience

ity helps leading crane manufacturer increase brand awareness and gain leads.

One of the world’s leading crane manufacturers, Demag has been offering customers a comprehensive range of lifting solutions for their material flow and logistics needs for over 200 years. These products are a big investment but make life easier and more profitable for their clients, who include project managers, purchasers, and maintenance and planning teams. Therefore, Demag decided that they needed a way that would pique the interest of this audience and get them to remember their product when they decide to make an investment.

In this case, Demag decided to go with a media buy, which included feeding current and potential customers with digital banner ads and a LinkedIn newsfeed ad. The banner ads drove prospective buyers to the Demag website to learn more about our client’s crane and hoist unit products, as well as to get in touch with a company representative.


Demag also tasked ity with creating a series of direct mail pieces on an 11”x6” postcard that would be mailed to dealers on a monthly basis. Each postcard featured a different product or service but had a similar templated look.