RiskLimiter Software by Gleason Technology

Rebranding a Product Line for a B2B Tech Company

Developing everything from brand identity and collateral materials to website design and online animated video, ity positioned this brand for success.

Gleason Technology had developed a series of B2B software products geared toward risk management in the grocery and hospitality industries. The products were introduced one at a time over a period of several years without a true sense of brand cohesiveness. ity was called upon to solve that problem and quickly developed a new brand name, brand identity and brand architecture for the software line.

The next step was to bring the RiskLimiter brand to market. ity designed and developed a new website and created affordable, animated videos in house that showcased the benefits of each product.

RiskLimiter Website Sample


Kitchen App Web Video

ity also created collateral materials, print and digital ads in trade publications, paid placement trade articles and B2B social media ads on LinkedIn. There was a dramatic increase in leads during advertising flights.

Risk Limiter Flyer Sample

Print Ads/Flyers