Columbia Gas

Video Showcases Energy Company’s Commitment to Clean Energy

ity helps one of the nation’s largest utilities raise awareness and explain the benefits of its Hydrogen Blending Program.

Columbia Gas, a subsidiary of NiSource, previously announced its goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. One of the ways they plan to reach that benchmark is by exploring the role of hydrogen in their energy portfolio. In its gas form, clean hydrogen can blend with natural gas, which reduces CO2 emissions.

ity was tasked with developing creative around Columbia Gas’ multi-phase Hydrogen Blending Program. The objective was to underscore the potential of a clean hydrogen + natural gas blend, highlight the innovations at their training site where blending takes place, and demonstrate how everything works from a practical standpoint.

Hydrogen Blending Program Video

ity created a full-length video, just over two-and-a-half minutes, that provided an overview of the Hydrogen Blending Program. A shorter thirty second version was also made to run on social media channels. Both videos had two versions each, with one for Columbia Gas and the other customized for its parent company, NiSource.

Event Recap Video

ity filmed, edited, and produced a recap video of the Hydrogen Blending Program launch event at the Columbia Gas Training Center in Monaca, PA. Elected officials, community leaders, and media members attended, and NiSource President & CEO Lloyd Yates delivered a speech about how hydrogen fits into their range of clean energy solutions.


Hydrogen Fact Sheet

This fact sheet was designed to inform stakeholders and customers about the safety, reliability, and efficiency of a clean hydrogen + natural gas blend. Among the key findings are that the blend is compatible with existing gas appliances found in residential homes and can be delivered through Columbia Gas’ existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure.