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Using Geofence Strategies to Encourage 811 Calls for Utility Line Marking

Helping states throughout the country embrace new digital advertising tactics to promote safe digging.

Every state has an organization that encourages homeowners and construction companies to contact 811 to have utility lines marked before digging to help prevent unnecessary accidents and damage. At ity Advertising, we’ve introduced the latest in digital marketing to Pennsylvania, Georgia and Virginia 811 organizations.

Using digital geofencing around Lowe’s, Home Depots and even individual construction businesses, we’ve served millions of digital ads to mobile devices of people within very defined locations, reminding our audiences to contact 811 before they start their project. These ads not only increase awareness of the need to call 811, but they also give homeowners and contractors the ability to call or enter an online ticket the moment they get served an ad.

Geofencing has proven to be an affordable, targeted and effective tool for these states with some increases in “tickets” for utility line marking going up nearly 20% year-over-year.

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